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We're a medical imaging company created by imaging specialists who understand how to deliver radiology services.

Medical Imaging Partnership offers radiology services built around partnerships with key stakeholders, whether they are NHS organisations, private/independent sector providers, individual radiologists or referring clinicians.

Our Experience

We bring a wealth of clinical, managerial and commercial experience in the provision of imaging. An integrated, clinically led approach utilising the most appropriate technology enables us to provide the highest quality clinical service in an ever changing healthcare market.

Our Vision

We believe that images and reports should be quickly and easily accessible by patients and their referring clinicians, whether they are a consultant in a hospital setting or a GP in primary care. Medical Imaging Partnership has the technological solutions and the experience to make this happen.

The ability to access appropriate imaging to inform patient diagnosis and direct treatment planning is pivotal to the delivery of modern healthcare.

Partnering with Medical Imaging Partnership will result in:

  • Bespoke delivery of community based diagnostics - enhancing patient choice, supporting primary care decision making, and reducing secondary care referrals.
  • Improved accessiblility/clinical safety - through an advanced IT infrastructure with true integration of clinical information and imaging studies. Full remote access to "next step" reports and key images through our online clinician portal.
  • Better communication - that is timely, integrated into your clinical practice and with reports that are tailored to facilitate accurate decision making.

We empower you and your patients to choose how and where they are imaged.

Managed Service

Our team has over 20 years experience of delivering high quality managed service radiology, from initial concept right through to operational delivery.

Our goal is to provide diagnostic imaging in the best possible location, whether that is in a primary care facility, community or hospital setting. Our service delivery will integrate seamlessly into the local health  IT systems. We believe that images and reports should be quickly and easily accessible by referring clinicians, wherever they review their patients. Medical Imaging Partnership has the technology solutions and the experience to make this happen.

Medical Imaging Partnership can help with all aspects of developing a new radiology service, including:

  • Initial scoping
  • Business case development
  • Service/Pathway redesign
  • IT (systems and ongoing management)
  • Project management
  • Equipment procurement

Consulting & IT Services

Medical Imaging Partnership can help you to steer a course through the multipilicity of changes taking place in UK healthcare.

We can provide significant expertise in:

  • Planning and design of systems/services
  • Development, start-up and initial management for your project
  • 'Key partner' relationship management (hospital groups, insurers, private radiology providers)
  • Strategic planning and development

Medical Imaging partnership offer an imaging consulting service utilising a team of imaging professionals with a wealth of operational and management experience. Imaging departments are under pressure from NHS reforms, changes to commissioning structures and ever changing technology. Although these changes have geographical variation, they all face a common challenge of being asked to deliver a quality service for less money. MIP can help you to deliver efficient services to empower you and your workforce to achieve your organisational aspirations.

Our Technology

It is through investment in state of the art high quality IT systems, coupled with the best clinical support and strategic management that providers can gain significant competitive advantage.

Our IT solution provides a platform for clinical excellence and high levels of patient satisfaction. Our IT services are focused on high quality clinical outcomes, real time management information and 24/7 support.

Medical Imaging Partnership have built an end to end IT solution capable of delivering imaging services across a range of healthcare networks and providers. We can provide a strategic review of the imaging needs of your local population, to enable you to remain in control whilst meeting the expectations of patients and commissioners.

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